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Friday's fast five - February 12, 2021 Blippy, looping, dreamy guitars, and a song that doesn't need to exist among other things.
Friday's fast five - February 5, 2021 A mix of noise rock, quaint indie, and chaotic saxophones
The soundtrack to bettering myself is 4,426 miles away
Friday's fast five - January 29, 2021Congratulations sailor, you made it to Friday! Recent musical endeavors include cybergrind, washed-out indie rock, and sunshine in a bottle.
Introducing: Friday's fast five - Jan. 19 2021A return to the roots of this newsletter with some music suggestions in the form of Minnesotan black metal and midwest emo recommendations. 
75 years of Dolly Parton, her influence on a younger generation, and a personal connection
words and their meanings, headlines, and processing it all through music
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