Hello, I’m a journalist and musician named John McCracken.

I’ve been writing about local and touring musicians in Wisconsin since 2017. I’ve also investigated the growth of Amazon in Madison, reported on breaking labor news, followed the money and culture behind a beloved Midwest gas station chain, reported on the Green Bay art scene in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and interviewed restaurant workers navigating public protests and de-escalation in the wake of George Floyd's murder.

I Found This. is a poor attempt at cataloging epiphanies regarding music, media, and Midwest living.

I do a lot of internet sleuthing for music anyway and bug my wife, friends, and dog with the news. Now, I’m putting it all in one place- your inbox. In addition to music, I will likely provide strong points of view about meaningless details regarding subjects such as movies, culture or trends, and other vices.

You can ignore all of this and close the tab, but I promise you’ll be missing out on some quality music and if I do say so myself, high-grade, premium insights into music love and lunacy. I promise to not spam your inbox or take up too much of your time. Sign up below if that sounds good to you.

If you want more about me, you can find me at the bad place that is Twitter. You can listen to my band. You can also look at samples of my writing here. Thanks for stopping by.

All views expressed in this newsletter turned confessional are my own and do not reflect the publications I work for and with.