Friday's fast five - February 5, 2021

Friday fast five three: February the fifth. This summer. Starring Vin Diesel and Adam Sandler.
Alright, now that the above nonsense is over, let’s Tokyo drift right into this week’s quintuplets of quaint tunes.

Party's Over - Employed To Serve: I’ve seen Employed to Serve on some playlists and eventually delved in this week. It goes hard and talks about corruption, fighting back all with slamming, menacing, and groovy post-hardcore riffs.

”Jock” - Hazing Over: The band formerly known as Shin Guard, who were screamo royalty, have rebranded as early 2000’s deathcore. There are squeals, guttural vocals, and a lot of breakneck, heavy passages.

Atonement - exhalants: This is a noise rock out that takes on gloomy, shoegaze passages. There’s a lot of melodies hidden beneath the static.

Found in the Smoke - Joe Vann: Formerly of the indie-rock, dream-pop band From Indian Lake, Vann has stripped down the hypnotic elements of those genres and presented a personal and introspective sound. It stops you in your tracks, perfect for daydreaming while looking at snowy landscapes.

Dragged Through The Garden - Preening: This sounds like Tom Waits and Tune-Yards got plastered and fought each other in an alleyway and the fallout was caught on a fuzzy 4 track cassette recorder. Good luck with that.

Hope you are enjoying the snow, whatever that means! Comment below and let me know what you’ve been listening to.

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