Friday's fast five - January 29, 2021

Congratulations sailor, you made it to Friday! Here are some things I’ve been spinning these past couple of days. Ahoy!

Collection - Alcian Blue: A compilation of noisey, over the top loud D.C. shoegaze from the late 1990s. Resurrected to showcase how they were ahead of their time and again, very very loud.

Phase Out - Cara Neir: A two-person cybergrind outfit that blends high fantasy storytelling, blackened death metal, and the blips and boops of chiptune. Check. Check. Check.

SUGAREGG - Bully: Apparently this came out last year and I am mad at myself for missing it. SubPop continues to put out original songwriters and this mash-up of shouting vocals, washed-out drums, and fuzzy guitars is exactly what I want my indie rock to be.

“Noseeums”- Calyx: Moody and trance-like power punk from Pittsburgh. Some stellar vocals and high-frequency bass lines.

Pixel Bath - Jean Dawson: This is sunshine in a bottle. The scratch track drum samples sound like skateboarding on city sidewalks and Dawson has a contagious glee. Proven to kill winter blues.

What have you been listening to?
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p.s. - here are thousands of words about Guitar Hero. Enjoy.